Online Ordering System
4-in-1 Online Food Ordering Software System

1. Online ordering,    2. In-store ordering (eg.contactless),   3. Table booking with pre-ordering    4. Phone orders

for Restaurants, Takeaways, Pubs, Caterers, Hotels, Resorts, Airports, Hospitals, Event Venues and more.
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Main features

Automatically prints orders at any location in any language.


Use your existing 80mm POS printer.


Self Managed.

Change anything, anytime.


You own 100% of the Sales and Customer data.


Get paid directly.No middle men.


Price includes: training, email support, re-use of your domain, use of the system.


In-store Ordering: Self-Service or waiter-led.


Table booking with pre-ordering.

Additional features


Integrates with any email-to-sms supplier.


Works in any country, timezone, number of stores.


Works on any Windows hosting.


Fast orders: No registration needed but customer details are automatically remembered.


Works on any device with a web browser on it.


Real time sales dashboards and reports, including Google Analytics eCommerce.

Upcoming features


Automated Label Printing


Allergens filtering


Telephone orders with CallerID.


Advanced Email and SMS Marketing


Cross/Up-selling vouchers


Group Ordering


Online / In-Store ordering & Table Boooking


Store, Menu, Pricing, Settings Management

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OPTIONAL Accessories & Extras

epson tm-t88vi



The Epson TM-T88VI is an intelligent POS printer from Epson which comes with a variety of advanced features including directing receipts to other printers and using the same printer for both your POS and online ordering simultaneously.

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Star POS printer



The Star TSP654II HI-X is an intelligent POS printer which comes with advance features such as digital receipts and the HI-X Connect interface which could be used seperately to upgrade an existing older-model Star printer.

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Artech AD102

CallerIDArtech AD102


Use the Artech AD102 callerID.

You can use our Telephone Ordering software (Windows) which will use the Artech AD102 callerID device, or you could use a modem that supports callerID such as the US Robotics USR805637.

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mobile app for restaurants and takeaways

Android or iOS Mobile App


We can create a mobile app for you for a one-time fee, per platform (iOS/Android). We can then publish it into your Google or Apple App Store account.

Android app
iPhone App

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3G/4G Router

You can use a 3G/4G router to get internet at any location.

eg. TP-Link 300 Mbps 4G LTE SIM Slot Wi-Fi Router


Mobile Battery Router

The Harvillon 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Router is both a 100Mbps FDD-LTE 4G 5200mAh Battery based Router which you can use on the go as well as use as a charger.

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social media marketing - facebook for restaurants and takeaways

Social Media Advertising


Promote your business and your special offers in a very targetted manner to your target audience with specific demographics. We will create a small 1-month campaign to boost your business.

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web design mobile friendly and seo optimised

Website Design


We can create a mobile-friendly and SEO-optimised website for your business.

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Case Studies

Red Dragon Chinese Takeaway, Glossop, Derbyshire

Red Dragon took back 40% of its customers within 5 weeks, and within 3 months stopped using 3rd-party ordering portals/websites like Just Eat and Hungryhouse and now receives 100% of its orders directly.



Suwen Wu, Manager:

“I actually spent over a year looking at all the products and services out there ... A fter it was installed on our site we managed, in just a few weeks, to get about 30 to 40 per cent of our customers coming to us directly when ordering.  Eventually, we increased that to 100 per cent - and we left Just Eat altogether!  Now we receive all of our orders and payments directly.   Also, we’re customising and adding extra functions to the system to make it even better.”

Komal Balti Indian Restaurant, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Komal has achieved operational efficiencies by using the online ordering system as well as the in-store ordering system for waiter-led ordering and automated printing at reception and kitchen.



Sam Gmichael, Manager:

"Having this system feels like being Domino’s or McDonald’s in the sense that customers are kept informed via email and SMS texts but, importantly, orders are automatically routed both to the kitchen and reception.  The system works well and the whole team here are very happy with it because it makes their work time easier yet totally efficient."

BurgerIM, Humble, Texas, USA

BurgerIM in Humble (Texas, USA) reorganised its website and marketing spend to improve online visibility, eliminate unnecessary marketing, and incease marketing efficiency as well as increase physical footfall to the store.



Andre Holder, Manager:

“I cannot recommend enough. The difference in quality became apparent almost immediately. The support and knowledge/expertise offered has really benefited our business. We stopped wasting money unnecessarily and started thinking about 'digital' in a very different way that makes a difference to our bottom line. It's great to work with people who know what they are doing.”

Mexita Stpringburn, Glasgow, Scotland

Mexita Stpringburn has dramatically reduced commission payments to 3rd-party ordering sites and has gained full control of its online ordering and engages directly with customers, without having to deal with middle-men.



Muhammad Hasan, Manager:

"I wanted to be able to own and control the sales process and customer relationship. I chose the system which I thought was the best for my needs and I knew I’d have full control over everything. After the system was installed on our site we managed, in just a few weeks, for our direct sales to surpass those coming from third parties and we keep pushing more and more to take our customers back. "

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